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Mini Laptops

The Datamini 11.6 inch laptop is your solution for all day productivity while on the go. Powered with the Intel Z8350 Quad Core processor, it can be used for educational purposes, office work and leisure. The compact and lightweight system runs for upto 8-10 hours, providing uninterrupted connectivity. With integrated HD Graphics, 11.6" display  having a resolution of 1366*768 px you can enjoy pictures and videos anywhere and at anytime. Enjoy faster browsing and stay connected everywhere with 802.11 b/g/n/ac dual band Wifi. Pre-loaded with Windows 10, the laptop offers compatibility with a wide range of products and peripherals. Order and enhance your performance with this powerful, durable and compact laptop.


Windows 10


 Front 2.0MP


microSD Card slot


Intel® Z8350 Quad Core@1.44GHz, Burst Speed 1.92 GHz


8000 mAh /10000 mAh


3.5mm headphone jack


11.6" SCREEN

1366*768 PIXELS,

16:9 aspect ratio FHD


Bluetooth 4.0


USB 2.0 Type A




Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac 
(dual band option available against MOQ)

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All Datamini mini laptops are equipped with many useful and latest apps as below:

  • Quickly navigate, save and explore locations you care about. Save places, get traffic conditions and get directions immediately with Bing Maps.

  • Get quick information about your favorite places with the Travel app.

  • Quickly access your Gmail account to read, forward and compose mails.

  • Browse through your photos, edit your photos and share them with your friends with the Photos app.

  • Plan your day, week, month or year with the calendar application. Get appointment notifications on the go.

  • Get the latest financial news from the world markets. Track your favorite shares and get current exchange rates immediately.

  • Click photos, edit photos, browse and share the best ones with family and friends.

  • Get the latest weather updates of your current location or of a different location right on your tablet with the Weather application.

  • Play your favorite movies and music videos with the Videos app. Datamini Windows Tablets supports many file formats including MP4, M4A, WMA etc.

  • Read Facebook updates, Tweets from your Twitter stream, LinkedIn etc quickly. Stay in touch with your people with People App.

  • Play your favorite songs or download songs from the XBox music store with the Music app. Datamini Windows Tablets support various file formats like MP3, WMA, OGG etc.

  • Get the current happenings from around the world in a vivid layout. Quickly browse through your favorite topics and be informed and updated.

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