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The facility

We, at Datamini, are a part of the "Make In India" Initative. Our manufacturing is carried out at our ISO certified, state-of-the-art facility in Daman. With state-of-the-art HVAC system and spanning over 15,000 sq. feet, the unit churns out an average of 2000 tablets/ day/shift. It is where we manufacture our wide range of products from tablets, feature phones, smart phones to power banks and power adapters. To ensure high safety and quality standards, the factory is covered completely with anti-static flooring. Each worker is equipped with anti-static bands, aprons, headgear to prevent injuries while maintaining high quality.  Every person entering the facility is equipped with the same and passes through an anti-static filter room.

The Product Lifecycle

The product lifecycle begins in the production room, which is maintained at an ambient temperature  & completely dust free to ensure the safety of the components and devices manufactured. The components undergo a strict IQC process, following which they are passed on the assembly line. Post assembly, each device undergoes a rigorous QA testing processes. Here the devices are tested manually and also using our in house automated software for testing and reporting. The device then finds itself making way to the  separate burn in room, where stress tests, drop test, battery tests and burn tests are performed and reported. Finally the device is passed to the packaging unit where it is cleaned, packaged and shipped for your use.

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