2-IN-1 Android Tablets

A perfect partner for computing on the go! The Datamini 2-in-1 Android Tablets are powered by the latest Quad core processor and come with a detachable external keyboard. Use it for fun as well as leisure. It is your buddy on the go. Empowered with the latest Android OS, you can take your work and entertainment beyond home and office. The Tablets are powered by quad core processor with upto 1.33GHz base frequency. With integrated HD Graphics, 10.1" IPS display  having a resolution of 1280*800 px you can enjoy pictures and videos anywhere and any time. With a 3G/4G SIM slot and dual band Wifi, the Datamini 2-in-1 tablets are ready for high speed data connectivity. Enjoy faster browsing and stay connected on emails everywhere. Sleek and stylish design with detachable keyboards available with 10inch and 11 inch displays. Enjoy desktop like performance packed in a small and easy to carry package!

Android Oreo GMS Certified

Rear 5.0MP
 Front 2.0MP

Voice calling with 3G/4G Data connectivity

Quad Core

5000mAh / 6000mAh

microSD Card slot

10.1 inch 1024*600 TFT LCD

Bluetooth 4.0

3.5mm headphone jack

1GB /2GB/ 3GB DDR3
8GB / 16GB/ 32GB Internal Storage

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac 
(dual band option available against MOQ)



All Datamini 2-in-1 Tablets are equipped with many useful and latest apps as below:

  • Quickly navigate, save and explore locations you care about. Save places, get traffic conditions and get directions immediately with Google Maps.

  • Get quick information about your favorite places with the Google app.

  • Quickly access your Gmail account to read, forward and compose mails.

  • Browse through your photos, edit your photos and share them with your friends with the Photos app.

  • Plan your day, week, month or year with the calendar application. Get appointment notifications on the go.

  • Get the latest financial news from the world markets. Track your favorite shares and get current exchange rates immediately.

  • Click photos, edit photos, browse and share the best ones with family and friends.

  • Get the latest weather updates of your current location or of a different location right on your tablet with the Weather application.

  • Play your favorite movies and music videos with the Videos app. Datamini 2-in-1 Tablets supports many file formats including MP4, M4A, WMA etc.

  • Read Facebook updates, Tweets from your Twitter stream, LinkedIn etc quickly. Stay in touch using WhatsApp and Messages.

  • Get the current happenings from around the world in a vivid layout. Quickly browse through your favorite topics and be informed and updated.

  • Create and consume work / education content using office suite for Android.

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